Pet Society Cheats // Coin Cheat (Slower)

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Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  • download required files above
  • fiddler2
  • firefox/chrome
Credits: nofil2000
Well, as you guys know, the previous pink throne coin cheat has been more or less fixed. Nofil2000's idea is selling your Peet Pegasus. My previous database cannot be used for coin cheat so you have to download this new one. This is because i used Lion to evolve into Pegasus and Lion costs 2000 and Dragon peets does not sell for as much as Pegasus.
  1. Start up fiddler, do the same stuff of replacing Database.dat (read tools' tutorial if first time using)
  2. Now buy a petling cat (1000 yellow coins)
  3. Buy lots of Apples (as many as you want to cheat)
  4. Feed it with the Apples you purchased earlier. (5yellow coins)
  5. A Pegasus will evolve.
  6. Notice it can be sold for 1980 coins. (1980- 1005 = 975 each)
  7. So basically make lots of Pegasus first, then sell them all.
  8. I understand it is slower but as nofil2000 said, better than nothing :p 
  9. Do not abuse the cheat as I believe there is still a limit of coins that you can earn each day or BAM. 24hrs ban. Check comments to see the limit as I seldom use coin cheats. Still have huge stash of millions :p

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