City of Wonder // New game by Playdom. Would you cheat in this game?

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Stone Age, Classical Age, Modern Age... and beyond! Get ready to advance through the stages of history and transform your humble hamlet into a thriving civilization!

Yet another build your city game by Playdom. They are the ones that brought to you the highly addictive Social City, Market Street and many other social games. This game allows you to build awesome wonders such as the Colosseum of Rome, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Great Wall of China, The Collossus, Pyramids of Egypt and even the Pentagon of the United States.. There are many more wonders for you to build so if you are interested, go explore the City of Wonders.

For more information on playing the game, you can visit Playdom's official FAQ page which is pretty comprehensive. [ City Of Wonder Support ]

p/s :
I'm probably gonna get lots of comments such as CHEAT PLEASE CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT PLS CHEAT, WWW.PWNTHIS.NET. SEND ME CHEATS FOR THIS GAME PLSSSSS IM FIRST. SEND CHEAT!  I love these comments. Send more of such comments LOLOLOL

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