Critter Island Cheats // Coin Money Cash

Click to play Critter Island [ play now ]

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  • Charles Proxy Debugging
  • Firefox


Another new game that was only launched this week. Critter Island. This is a working coin cheat.

  1. Open Charles 
  2. Enter Critter Island [playnow]
  3. In Charles, you will see the line ""
  4. Expand it > Expand api/ > Right click "metadata/"
  5. Select Breakpoints.
  6. Reload Critter Island
  7. A breakpoint tab will appear on charles
  8. Click execute once and a Edit Response Tab will appear
  9. Click on the HTML tab.
  10. Change all the tip_rate to 999 (watch my video if you are unsure)
  11. Once all tip_rates have been change, right click on the metadata again and select breakpoints
  12. Now click back to the breakpoint tab and select Execute.
  13. The game will load. Watch as you get thousands of coins each time your customer tip your shop. Have fun!

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