Nightclub City Cheats // Clone all owned items even Facebook Credits Items

Click to play NightClub City [ play now ]

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  • Charles
  • Firefox
  • NotePad++ (not required but it makes your job easier)

Credits: Kingrj123 @pwnthis

Steps@pwnthis to cloning items even Facebook Credits items:
  1. Open Charles
  2. Enter Nightclub City [play now]
  3. In Charles, you will see the line ''
  4. Expand it > Expand 'user' 
  5. You will see the line 'getUser'
  6. Right click and select Breakpoints
  7. Reload NightClub City
  8. Game will freeze and a breakpoint tab will appear in Charles.
  9. Click Execute once and you will see an Edit Response Tab.
  10. Click that, click Text.  (I recommend copying everything to notepad++ so you can change ALL celebrity count easily. Not a requirement but it is to make your job easier! If you want to change them manually, go ahead. ) 
  11. If you have listened to's recommendation, you will have everything on notepad, so just Ctrl-F and search for "count":1 
  12. Replace ALL with "count":88  (Do not screw this up. Make sure you replace "count":X with "count":X where X is any digits.)
  13. Now just copy everything from notepad++ and paste it back into the place where you copied them from originally. 
  14. Go back to the Session tab, Right click 'getUser' and select Breapoints again to remove it.
  15. Go back to the Breakpoint tab, click Execute.
  16. Game will load with your new level and coins.
  17. Play with it a while then SAVE the game. 
  18. Now all your items that you own will be cloned. Even FACEBOOK CREDITS ITEMS. 
  19. Watch the video if unclear

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