Pet Society // Quick update on Cash Items

Alrite, a quick update and explanation on why some of your mystery-boxes with cash items can be saved. This is because the new method of opening the mystery-box does not check the item in the box. Therefore, if you were the few lucky ones who played around with the .dat decompiler/compiler that I had provided a few weeks back, you would have some mystery-boxes with cash items in it.

The new mystery-boxes has a new token value and these new boxes force the items to be random when you purchase it. It's pointless trying to change the token value of the new mystery-boxes to the old token value now as it will be an instant fail-save.

Not everyone will understand what the hecckkk I'm rambling here. But I'm just explaining it to those who are commenting on why it saves for them. And so this is a reason why you should never wait for people to spoon feed you but take the initiative and play around with the tools I provided. For those that took the initiative and make their own databases, they got their boxes with the cash items.

So for those of you with the old mystery-boxes, open them now. They can be saved! If you want to make your own mystery-box now, like i said, it's too late already.

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