CityVille Cheats - How to unlock multiple Valentines Gifts

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  • Firefox/Chrome
  • 2 Facebook accounts. 1 dummy and 1 primary account.
  1. Log into your dummy account using Chrome.
  2. Go into CityVille [play now]
  3. Right click the "Play" tab and select "Open link in new tab"
  4. Open as many tabs as you want. 6 tabs should be fine as there are only 6 valentines gifts to unlock. 
  5. Swap to the correct combination for the different gifts then click 'Send Valentine' (See image below for some of the combination)
  6. // There are other combinations, feel free to comment and share your combinations!
  7. Select your primary account.
  8. Do the same for all the 6 tabs.
  9. Click Send for all the 6
  10. Your primary account should receive all 6 gifts and you will the 6 different gifts.
  11. Have fun! And enjoy your Valentine's Day!


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