CityVille Bot // v1.56

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:

Credits: 12christiaan

Latest version of CityVille Bot with latest plugins with StreakBonus from your neighbors!

Remember to uninstall your previous version of CityVille Bot before installing v1.56 to avoid any possible application conflicts.
  1. Uninstall older version of CityVille Bot
  2. Install v1.56 Cityville bot
  3. Extract all the files from the Plugins folder and paste them in your default CityVilleBot installed folder (C:\Program Files\CityVilleBot) 
  4. Overwrite/Replace all the files.
  5. Remember to run CityVilleBot.exe as ADMINSTRATOR! Have fun! 

Publish version 028
2011-02-08 Added item name in collection landmark etc. [ from sugestions ]
2011-02-08 You can now sellect the business that need to be collected. (save energy) [ Buildings v0.9 ]
2011-02-07 Neighbors, removed "any" from the franchise items. you have to sellect the franchise yourselfs.
2011-02-07 Upgrade ? DELETE the .sqlite files from Profile folder. Then start the bot !!!
2011-02-07 Multi Sending gift: Better logging.
2011-02-07 Multi Sending gift: Allow up to 3 faults befor giving up. [Multi Version 0.7 ]

Publish version 027
2011-02-06 Build franchise in Neighbor city. [neighbor v 0.7]
2011-02-06 Added streakBonus when visiting neighbors (and doing actions) [ botclass ]
2011-02-06 Added streakBonus when accepting work from neighbors. [ botclass ]
2011-02-06 Added streakBonus withered crops. [ botclass ]
2011-02-06 Option in Settings to sellect the level of streakBonus to be found. Can also be disabled.

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