Millionaire City Money Cheat // Works for all commerce buildings

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  • Firefox/Chrome
  • Cheat Engine
  • Brain (Extremely important for this tutorial) 

  1. Enter Millionaire City [play now]
  2. Open Cheat Engine.
  3. Select browser in process list.
  4. Go into Shop > Commerce and note the commerce building that you want to cheat. (You can take note of multiple commerce buildings that you have built so it will work for all the commerce)
  5. Now, restart the game and at the Loading Screen, enable speedhack and set speed to 0
  6. Now, Scan 15000000 in Cheat Engine (Note: I scan 15million because Casino costs 15million and that is the example in my video. So if you want to use other commerce, just scan the cost of the commerce you want to cheat)
  7. A few addresses returned. Select ALL the address and press the Red Arrow
  8. All the addresses will be in the table. Change every address and add +3C (magic number that will work for all commerce) to the end of the address.
  9. You see that the value is 5. (5 is for casino which is the WIDTH of AREA that a casino can earn from. Other commerce buildings will be different but definitely lesser than 5. Remember a coffee shop is 2. A casino is 5.)
  10. Change the 5 to 50.
  11. Now disable the speedhack and the game will continue loading.Note how your Casino now earns from the entire map. So the more houses you have, the MORE money your commerce gives you. Houses must have contracts, duhs. 
  12. Watch my video if you are unclear. It's really difficult to put into words but if you have some sense on how cheating work, you should be fine.
    So Basically, the Magic Number you want is +3C. This will find the area coverage addresses for ALL commerce buildings. If it doesn't work for you, it's not the cheat that isn't working. it's YOU that isn't working.

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