Paradise Life - Farm for Coins in your own paradise

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Being in the top 5 for the top gainers applications chart of Facebook, I decided to review this game and check out why it is so hugely popular. 

The game mechanics definitely reminds me of FrontierVille but in a more cartoon-ish and fairytale way.
You fish and harvest fruits to gain coins. As usual, you will encounter wild animals which you have to chase away before you can continue your tasks. Clear the trees to gain more land for your decorations and buildings. 

The focus of the game is farming which requires energy for harvesting and planting. You gain money and experience points as you perform these actions. Similar to FrontierVille, you can collect "collection" items which gives you a bonus when you complete the set. As actions require energy, you can regain these energy by consuming fruits.    

It is rapidly gaining followers in this standard farming genre which makes me wonder. Isn't there enough of such farming games? What makes such games so attractive and alluring? Personally, only if I can cheat in these games, only will I play it :p


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