Spartacus Cheats - Energy Cheat, Stats Cheat, 100% Win

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:

    Note: Reason for using 'Toggle Breakpoint' is because stats and energy will not be saved on refresh and you will need to edit again. So basically you should just do it once, set speedhack and mouse bot and let it run because that's what i did. You can reach Coloseum in just 1 day.
    1. Open Charles and check that the Proxy is recording. (proxy tab)
    2. Enter Spartacus [play now]
    3. In Charles, you should see the line ""
    4. Expand Pages > Expand Common and find  "/fast_services.php(spartacus.init_game)"
    5. Right click and tick Breakpoints.
    6. Note the Red Hexagon button. That toggles Breakpoints. This is useful so you do not have to search for the line to break in future. Just toggle on/off.
    7. Make sure Breakpoint is on now then restart the game Spartacus.
    8. It should freeze and a breakpoint tab will now appear in Charles.
    9. Click Execute once and the next breakpoint will have a "Edit Request" tab
    10. Click Edit Request > AMF
    11. Scroll down and expand Gladiators. If you only have 1 gladiator, there will only be 1 folder. Expand that folder and edit the stats. You only have to edit the curr_brawn, curr_speed and curr_vitality. Make sure the type is String/Integer or there will be an error.
    12. It is pointless changing the max_ as it will not be saved. We are changing the curr_ to help us win all the fights 100%.
    13. Expand counters > Energy and change current_value to 200
    14. Now just toggle breakpoints off (press the red hexagon button) and click Execute.
    15. The game will unfreeze and start.
    16. Have fun. Use cheat engine speedhack to fight fast and use the mouse recorder to automate for you.
    17. Have fun and watch the video if unclear. It's difficult to put such stuff into words :p


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