Slots World Coins and Cash Cheat

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:

  1. Open Charles and check that the Proxy is recording. (proxy tab)
  2. Enter Slots World [play now]
  3. In Charles, you should see the line ""
  4. Expand and find gateway.php(SecureUserService.getUserInfo) "
  5. Right click this gateway.php and tick Breakpoints.
  6. Note the Red Hexagon button. That toggles Breakpoints. This is useful so you do not have to search for the line to break in future. Just toggle on/off.
  7. Make sure Breakpoint is on now then restart the game.
  8. It should freeze and a breakpoint tab will now appear in Charles.
  9. Click Execute until you see a "Edit Request" tab
  10. Click Edit Request > AMF
  11. Scroll down and find for "coins and credits". If you don't see coins/credits, click Execute until you see another Edit Request tab then search for coins and credits again. See screenshot to see how it should look like. (You should press Execute about 5 times to see the correct Edit Request tab)
  12. Now just toggle breakpoints off (press the red hexagon button) and click Execute.
  13. The game will unfreeze and start. Buy those x4 cash items to level up super fast!
Both Coins and Cash saves even after refresh! 

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