ESPNU College Town Promo Gift Code 2

Adding on new promotion codes from the previous post [ESPNU Promo 1]


  1. Enter ESPNU College Town [play now]
  2. Click on the PROMO tab at the top of the game menu.
  3. You should see the cheerleader screen asking for the promo code. Just paste these codes and click Submit.  Paste WITHOUT spaces at the end or code will not work. If you have obtained the items from the first promotion, you will not be able to get the item again. Items can only be obtained once per account. 
  4. Once you are done with all the promo codes, click on the Gift Inventory on the right to see your items.

7E1UeRZh         10,000 pieces 
cr1ocmeb           Bed & Breakfest
pl4lassv              Fountain
JimmyV             Statue
sportsnation      pool party house
espnArcade        QB game
carniball             ball game
arcadehoops       basketball game
sL868164           Bama stadium
gameday            espn studio
86R3c1B3          old well
XMGH8KL5      state farm tent
esjLJ2iu             football stadium
myr9czto          bbq stand
SigningDay      free football player
winterxcourse winter x game course
winterxpipe      winter x games half pipe
XGamesVert     skateboard half pipe
espnradio           radio tower


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