Millionaire City Money Cheat - Huge sums of money

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  • Firefox/Chrome
  • Cheat Engine

Credits: Kilekariz
  1. Enter Millionaire City [play now]
  2. Open Cheat Engine.
  3. Select browser in process list.
  4. Go into Shop > Commerce and notice that the Coffee Shop cost 100000.
  5. Scan 100000 in Cheat Engine
  6. A few addresses returned. Select the ONE address that ends with 20
  7. Double click that address that ends with 20 TWICE. 
  8. Change the ending value of 20 to 1A
  9. You see that the value is 23293.
  10. Change 23293 to 23201.
  11. For the 2nd address, 
  12. Change the ending value of 20 to 0C
  13. The value is 180000. Change it to 90000
  14. Now collect from your Coffee Shop. You should get max 280k+ Anything more and the game will go out of sync.
  15. You MUST only have ONE house in the area of the coffee shops or the game will definitely go out of sync.
  16. Watch my video if you are unclear.


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