Cafe World Cheat // Duplicate items

Firstly, click to Play Cafe World

Ok, after posting the previous post, i realised I have not showed you guys the steps for duplicating items =x So here goes.

I used:
  • firefox/flock
  • ce5.5
  1. In cafe world, purchase 3 of the item that you want to duplicate. (3 makes it easier, you can buy 2 if you're poor but takes longer to shorten the amount of addresses)
  2. In ce5.5, attach browser as process
  3. Put all the 3 items in the inventory, so you'll see a "x3" on the item you are duplicating.
  4. Scan 3. Put 1 item into shop. Now it's "x2". So you scan 2.
  5. Put 1 more item into shop. Now it's "x1". So you scan 1.
  6. Now drag the item in shop back into inventory till its "x3" again.
  7. Repeat step 4-5 till you have only 2 addresses left.
  8. Double click both address so it appears at the bottom panel.
  9. Tick freeze.
  10. Now you can duplicate the items at zero cost. DO NOT SELL THEM, or you will lose everything.
  11. Important: Make sure you have enough coins to duplicate the items. ie: You want to duplicate a $200 item. You will need $600 to buy 3 of this item PLUS another $200 to start the duplication. This additional $200 is NEEDED to duplicate items for free. = $800 is needed to duplicate a $200 item.
  12. Do not blame me if you screw up and have no money left ;p Try it with cheap items first.

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