Icy Tower // Combo Cheat

Firstly, click here to Play Icy Tower
And DO NOT give out your password to anyone. I will NEVER ask you for your passwords and account ID.

This game brings back memories of MapleStory =x For those who played MapleStory/MapleGlobal, remember the clockwork tower or something like that? Jeez, those were some hardcore level jumping

I used:
  • flock browser / firefox
  • ce5.5
  • flash 9
  1. Go into Icy Tower.
  2. Jump up to level 1.
  3. Attach ce5.5 to browser, scan "1"
  4. Jump up to level 2.
  5. next scan "2"
  6. Jump up to level 3.
  7. next scan "3"
  8. Go back to level 0
  9. only 1 address will have a value "0"
  10. Freeze that Address!
  11. Jump to level 3 and start jumping on that level. You will see your combo increasing
  12. Once you are satisfied with the combo, unfreeze the address

    The game will only save IF the final level you jumped is MORE THAN your combo. So don't make the combo too high if you cant reach that level. Remember!! GAME ONLY SAVES IF THE LEVEL YOU JUMPED IS HIGHER THAN YOUR COMBO

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