Country Story // Get all trophies

Firstly, click here to Play Country Story ,
And DO NOT give out your password to anyone. I will NEVER ask you for your passwords and account ID.
Credits: youon9

You will need:
  1. As usual, make sure Fiddler is capturing traffic
    (file > capture traffic)
  2. In your browser, go into Country Story. During the loading screen you should see lots of urls appearing. If not, click on CLEAR CACHE in fiddler.
  3. Find this line "game/farm/****/bin/achievement.bin
    (just search for a line ending with achievement.bin)
  4. Right click it and select Copy > Just URL
  5. Go to AutoResponder and click Add.
    (you should see the url appearing)
  6. At the bottom of the autoresponder, you will see a rule editor.
  7. Click on the Arrow Icon beside the SAVE button
  8. Select 'Find a file' and open either the 'All trophies database' or the 'dog trophy database' that you have just downloaded.
  9. Click SAVE
  10. Now click clear cache and reload your Country Story.
  11. You will see all the trophies slowly appearing.

    A really easy way to get the elusive dog catch thief trophy!

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