Restaurant City // Money Cheat, get THOUSANDS of coins each time

Firstly, click here to Play Restaurant City

lvl 32s are NOT able to use this cheat. And note my tiny links randomly placed. People are copying my steps directly and pasting it on their sites. At least credit my effort to write out the steps ;p

Credits: fREE2Software

I used :
  • firefox 3.5.3
  • flash 9 (download links can be found in Useful Downloads in the menu)
  • ce 5.5
  • piaip restaurant city tool [download v1.12]

  1. Go into restaurant city.
  2. Patch it using piaip tool to allow fast eat, fast serve/cook, auto regeneration
  3. Gain at least 1 gourmet point (exp point)
  4. Go into ce5.5, select brower as process
  5. tick hex, 8bytes, ASROM.
  6. Scan "FFFFFFB8D02A0FF2"
  7. 1 address returned. (if nth found, READ step 3)
  8. Right click, disassemble it
  9. You'll see the line "mov eax,FFFFFFFF"
  10. Change it to "mov eax,00001388" and DO NOT CLOSE the memory viewer, you'll need it
  11. Note this is the current exp cheat for restaurant city. Now you will gain more exp per dishes.
  12. UNtick HEX and NEW SCAN your current level. (example: 20) you'll see alot of addresses, don't worry.
  13. Wait till you level up to 21. It'll be fast due to the exp cheat you did in step 10.
  14. Now change the "mov eax,00001388" BACK TO "mov eax,FFFFFFFF"
  15. NEXT SCAN your new level. In my example, it's 21.
  16. Only 1 address left. If more than 1, find an address with a pattern like this "xxxxxFBx".
    The value of this address will be your current level.
  17. Change the value to "1"
    Sometimes, you may get DISCONNECTED, try again if you got dc or try not to make too drastic changes in level.
  18. You will be back to lvl "1" in the game. But immediately, you will level back up to 21 WHILE gaining thousands of coins as you level up.
  19. When you're 21 again, change the value in ce5.5 back to a lower level again. And keep repeating steps 17-19 till you have alot of coins.

    HAVE FUN! Watch the video if unclear of any steps. Lvl 32 CANNOT use this cheat obviously, unless you manage to find the address of your level, which is not easy.

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