Restaurant City // Money Cheat for level 32

Firstly, click here to Play Restaurant City

Credits: junclj

I used:
  • flock browser (use flock/ie only)
  • flash 9 (you need this! download from my menu)
  • ce 5.5
  1. Go in RC
  2. Patch it with the Piaip rc tool if you want. (not required but if you want speed, patch it)
  3. Now in ce5.5, select flock as process
  4. Select 8bytes, and tick ASROM
  5. Scan "32" (that's your level)
  6. Alot of addresses returned
  7. Scroll down to the last address starting with "0Axxxxxx"

  8. Now slowly search from this address to the TOP of the list for an address with a pattern like this "xxxxxFBx". Should only take about a minute.
  9. Search slowly and carefully, coz i believe the very first address with this pattern above the "0Axxxxxx" is the address for your level.
  10. Now when you find the "xxxxxFBx", double click it to send it down into the blank area at the bottom of ce5.5
  11. Change the value to "26" (you can try a lower value, but you may get disconnected more easily.

    Note: This cheat is not perfect. If you get disconnected the first time you changed the value, just try again. If you did NOT get disconnected the first time, congrats! It will definitely work, just prone to a couple of disconnections the FIRST TIME you change the value. Try clearing browser cache before trying cheat again. (psst: i know i sound naggy, but it's the only way i can make things clear and not get bombarded with questions ;p )

    After a customer has paid up, you will rise back to lvl 32 and getting 6k coins. Use a mouse recorder to keep repeating this. It works and it saves, at least for me ;p Hope this works out for you guys too.

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