Pet Society Cheat // Shop database

Firstly, Click here to Play Pet Society

Database cheat is still working as at 18 OCT 2009. I just bought all the 2009 Halloween items ^^

Credits to BUNNYWU for uploading the different databases.

Check out the cheat here:
Link: Better than Clone

Visit this link to DOWNLOAD DIFFERENT SHOPS ITEMS. Just replace Step 23 with the .dat files here. For those who know what you're doing, this will be a breeze. You no longer have to use the shopmaker to generate the database. These are the full set of database.
Link: Download Shop Database

If Mediafire is not working, download from here:
2009 Halloween: 2009
St Patrick: St Patrick_infinitehax
Valentines: Valentines_infinitehax
Fire-electric-chair-beds-beach-bathroom: Fire-electric-chair-beds-beach-bathroom_infinitehax
Food: FOOD_infinitehax
Chinese New Year: CHINESENEWYEARCNY_infinitehax
Plants, Lamp, Kitchen, Garden: PLANTS-MUSIC-LAMP-KITCHEN-GARDEN_infinitehax
DIY: DIYwindows.wallpaper.shelves.floor.door.other_infinitehax
Cash Shop: CCITEMS_infinitehax
Xmas: XMAS.rar_infinitehax

Have fun loading these databases!

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