Pet Society // Item Spoilers for Nov 2nd, 2009

Firstly, click here for full working steps of cheat: Database LoopHole ,
Download Autumn Shop: infinitehax_autumn or ziddulink
Download Grandiose Shop: infinitehax_grandiose or ziddulink
Download Other Items Shop: infinitehax_others or ziddulink

And get your FREE DEER PLUSHIE in the previous post!

For those who want to do it themselves, just use the shopmaker and change the database version to 2.5.26.
All steps and downloads can be found in the full cheat. Links at the top of this post.

Full list of new items for your shopmaker:

Autumn Faerie Mystery Egg
Autumn Faerie Wallpaper
Autumn Faerie Mirror
Autumn Faerie Mushroom Shelf
Autumn Faerie Bookcase
Autumn Faerie Bed
Autumn Faerie Mushroom Sofa
Autumn Faerie Book Decor
Autumn Faerie Dress
Autumn Faerie Shirt
Autumn Faerie Pants
Autumn Faerie Crown
Autumn Faerie Shoes

Grandiose Armchair 1400 coins
Grandiose Sofa 2400
Grandiose Table 1000
Grandiose Hall Chest 400
Grandiose Floor Lamp 500
Grandiose Telephone 1000

Pro Athletic Shoes 15 cc

Penguin Baby from egg for 10 cc
Lard Penguin Plushie 12 cc
Small Penguin Plushie 10
Penguin Poster 8 cc
Penguin Balloon 8cc
Pengun Tshirt 6 cc

Pet Fawkes Doll 750
Red Phone Box 2500
Big Ben View Window 650

List from PetsocietyNews

Use cheat with caution. After all, you are purchasing items that should only be launched on the 2nd of Nov.

And DO NOT give out your password to anyone. I will NEVER ask you for your passwords and account ID.

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