Cafe World Cheat // Faster way to get coins

Firstly, click here to Play Cafe World

Credits: Magableh

I used:
  • flock/firefox
  • flash 9
  • ce5.5
  1. Go into Cafe World.
  2. Select brower as process in ce5.5
  3. Tick hex, 8bytes, ASROM
  4. Scan "3B840FC98574498B"
  5. 1 address found. Right click > Disassemble
  6. You will see this line "test ecx,ecx"
  7. Change it to "test ecx,edx"
  8. Now when your customers are eating, it will freeze.
  9. Wait for a few minutes and change the line back to "test ecx,ecx"
    You will notice that your rating and money has increased alot
Note: When the game freezes, your dishes are eaten at a fast speed. This cheat can run for a long time IF you have sufficient dishes on the counter. If a message pops up saying that you've lost connection, this means that the dish you're serving has been depleted OR it could just be zyanga's server screwing up. This cheat works best with the infinite stove as you can have thousands of dishes allowing this cheat to run for a long time.

I have gained 100k coins in a few minutes coz i have alot of dishes. So have fun guys!

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