Cafe World Cheat // Speed Hack

Firstly, click to Play Cafe World

Ok guys. Speed Hack WORKS. BUT!!!! it does NOT quicken the cooking timing. You can only use it for faster eating, hence faster $$

Well speedhack only allows you to have your customers eat and pay faster, so you get money at a quicker pace which is good if you had hacked lots of dishes and just want money.

You will need
  • firefox or flock
  • ce 5.5
  • flash 9 (im doing it on 9, nt sure if it works on 10)

  1. Go into Cafe World
  2. Select browser in process list
  3. Click enable Speedhack in ce5.5
  4. Enter speed. Value must be below 30 or you will get disconnected.
  5. Make sure you have NO dishes cooking or it will be rollbacked. It's only for fast eating!

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