Pet Society Cheat // Better than Clone Cheat

Firstly, click to Play Pet Society

I will explain what this cheat does first. You will be able to CHANGE the items in the LUXURY shop of Pet Society. Let's say you want to buy Black Cat, just use the shopmaker, put it in the luxury shop and viola, the next time you load Pet Society, Black Cat is for sale! You can now buy ANY RARE items you want with the ShopMaker and the best part is... it can be SAVED and GIFTED.

Credits: youon9

You will need these:

  1. Go into Fiddler2
  2. Click File and ensure "Capture Traffic" is ticked
  3. Click "Launch IE" in fiddler2 (you can use google chrome too. just run fiddler and load ps on chrome. firefox works too, look at lower right and "use fiddler automatically" )
  4. Log into Pet Society
  5. Now look at the left panel of Fiddler2.
  6. Search for this line "/games/pets/swf/x.x.xx/shops/shopMysteryXXXX.dat"
  7. Right click > Copy > Just URL
  8. Click on AutoResponder in Fiddler2
  9. Tick both Enable Automatic responses and Permit passthrough..
  10. Now click "Add". A new line will appear in "If URL matches"

    Shop Maker Steps:
  11. Now open ShopMaker
  12. Click Download Database. (dont change the filename)
  13. Click Save
  14. Click on Shop Mystery.
  15. If done correctly, you should see a list of items at the left panel with the price.
  16. Look at Shop N.I.S in the shopmaker OR you can search for items that you want to include in the shop.
  17. You can now select the items you want to purchase. Double click the items or add everything by clicking "Insertar Todos"
  18. Once you have added the items you wan, click "Guardar"
  19. Type a filename (any name) and click save.
    *notice a second file with the same filename is generated. But with a .dat extension (this is the file you want!)
    example: shop.xml and ShopMystery-shop.xml.dat will be auto generated
    if you save as haha.xml, ShopMystery-haha.xml.dat will be auto generated. GEDDIT?

  20. Now go back to Fiddler2
  21. At the bottom of the AutoResponder tab, you should see Rule Editor
  22. Click on the arrow BESIDE "save"
  23. Click "select a file" and open the file that is generated by the ShopMaker (ShopMystery-shop.xml.dat in my case)
  24. Click SAVE
  25. Now reload Pet Society. Click Clear Cache in Fiddler.
  26. Once Pet Society loads, go into MysteryShop and you should see the items you added! You will need coins to purchase them. But buy all the RARE Black Cats or anything you want today! The key to this cheat is replacing the normal database PetSociety loads with the new database that is generated by the shopmaker

    If loading gets stuck at ShopMystery (look at the actions in fiddler), YOU DID STEP 23 WRONG

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