Pet Society Cheat // Easy 1000 coins by Spyke

Firstly, click to Play Pet Society

I used:
  • firefox
  • ce5.5
  • flash 9 and flash 10. (use the respective generator)
Steps: (redoing steps, give me a min)
  1. Go into pet society > stadium > betting
  2. Select anyone and click on the tick. But DO NOT click READY.
  3. Open ce5.5, select firefox as process
  4. Tick hex, 8bytes, ASROM
  5. Scroll down to the Betting cheat generator and scan the first value in ce5.5
  6. 1 address returned. Copy this Address into the cheat generator.
  7. Now NEW SCAN the second value in ce5.5
  8. 1 address returned. Copy this Address into the cheat generator.
  9. Click generate and copy all the codes generated.
  10. Paste the generated codes in the bottom panel of ce5.5 (that hugee blank area)
  11. You will see the line PS HURDLES $1000. Tick FREEZE!
  12. Now back in Pet Society, Click on the READY and even when you lose the bet, you will still get 1000 coins.
Note: If you get 10wins, 100wins, 300wins, you will get a trophy which will cause the mayor to appear (meaning you get d/c!). So win a bet legitimately during these 3 times before continuing using the cheat

Go look through my older Pet Society cheats and you can find an AUTO BETTING program. Try them together and i believe you can earn lots of coins without even facing your computer.

AUTO BETTING BOT. download all 3 parts and open with WINRAR

How to use the auto betting

Go to STADIUM. Open AUTO RACER BOT. Just select any of the Betting racers. Follow the image above. And select the number of times you want the autobot to repeat. (see the image, in this case it's 10)

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