Country Story // Coins Cheat

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Tested and working great as at 16th March.
Credits: dfspeter

Tools (download all tools in the Tools section):
  • Flash 10
  • Firefox
  • Cheat Engine
  • Mouse recorder
  • Trees in Country Story!! 
  1. Enter Country Story [click to play]
  2. Make sure you have TREES to harvest! If you do not, don't bother using this cheat. Go to Market and purchase some trees. You will need to wait till they are ready for harvesting.
  3. Harvest some CROPS [not tree!].
  4. Open cheat engine and select browser in process list
  5. Hex, 8bytes, Also scan read only mem
  6. Scan "000000e98120538b". 1 address returned. Right click and Disassemble it
  7. Scroll UP a few lines and you will see a 'push XXXXXX'  [xxxx is random digits]
  8. Right click this line and select 'Go To Address'
  9. Copy out the address
  10. Paste this address in the generator Below
  11. Click GENERAR
  12. Copy all the generated codes
  13. In Cheat Engine, click Tools > Auto Assemble
  14. Paste the codes inside and click Execute > OK
  15. Now, harvest your TREE. If you have followed the steps correctly, you can now use the mouse recorder and spam clicks on the tree.
  16. Leave it for a few minutes. Click Style > Decorate your house to auto save the game and the coins will be refreshed. Have fun!


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