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Another week. Another Mysterbox items for you guys who do not want to waste coins opening junk. And also some items from the new WIN OR LOSE boxes.
Important: Certain steps have changed due to the removal of Luxury Shop. I have switched over to using the FoodShop so read through the steps again.
For users who are unable to load PS when fiddler is on, remember to DELETE all URLs in the autoresponder before using this cheat. Just select all the old URL and press Delete on your keyboard.

The crowns cannot be purchased for some reason that I do not know and some items are over lapping each other, sorry for that but you can still click on the item that you want. And also there is a gray carpet which keeps appearing even though it's not in my shopmaker. No idea why that is so :s lol.

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):

  • Fiddler
  • IE/Chrome/Firefox (need to force traffic to firefox)
  • Latest database [download1| download2 ]
  1. Open Fiddler 
  2. Click 'Clear cache' if this is not your first time using Fiddler. Try to clear your browser cache too.
  3. Go into Pet Society
  4. In Fiddler, search for this line '/game/pets/swf/X.X.X/shops/shopFoodXXXX.dat  (the X are digits that changes every update)
  5. Right click this line, copy > just url
  6. Go to Autoresponder
  7. Click Add
  8. The url that you copied will appear.
  9. Now click on the arrow at the bottom besides the Save button
  10. Select 'Find a File' and browse for the database that you've just downloaded from me
  11. Click Save
  12. Click Clear Cache and refresh your Pet Society
  13. Enter the Food Shop, Click GROCERY tab at the bottom   and you should see all the latest Items. Have fun!


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