Pet Society // Blue Coins Cheat [unsavable version]

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::For Fun Only. Non-savable::
This is a non-savable version of Blue Coins Cheat. The only good thing about this is you can purchase the new coral wallpaper or a tiger petling or whatever cash item you wanted and show off to your friends by taking a screenshot or picture :p 
Warning: Do not use your main/primary account for this cheat as Playfish is very uptight over the cash function.
You have to be quick in taking your screenshot as the Mayor appears within minutes after this cheat.

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):
  • Flash 9 only
  • cheat engine
  • firefox
  1. Go into Pet Society [click to play
  2. Click on 'Add Playfish Cash' (at the top)
  3. Click on 'Convert Playfish Cash to Coins' //Note: You must NOT have any playfish cash!
  4. A popup will say 'You don't have 10 playfish cash to convert...'
  5. Open Cheat engine and select firefox as process
  6. Settings: Tick HEX, Also scan read-only, Array of bytes
  7. Scan "0F84940000008B48088B"
  8. A few addresses returned. Right click the Bottom address and Disassemble
  9. Scroll up a few lines and you will see 'jmp xxxxxxxx'
  10. Right click this code and select 'Replace with code that does nothing'
  11. Go to Cash Shop in Pet Society
  12. Try to buy an item. It will say that you do not have enough cash to purchase.
  13. New scan "0F847F0400008B51088B"
  14. 1 address returned. Right click > Disassemble
  15. Scroll up and you will see 'jne xxxxxxxx'
  16. Right click this code and select 'Replace with code that does nothing'
  17. Now you can buy the cash shop items. Quickly go home, take a screenshot/photo before the Mayor appears.
    As mentioned, this cheat is not savable and only for fun to take a photo/screenshot and showoff to your friends.  
Credits: 5!n3x@Trucotron27

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