Pet Society // Petling Coins cheat

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Credits: nofil2000

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):
  • flash 9 only
  • firefox
  • cheat engine
  • primary and secondary account
  1. In your secondary account, log into Pet Society [click to play]
  2. You must have a petling
  3. Open cheat engine and select browser as process (hex, also scan read only, Array of bytes)
  4. Scan "89413cb804000000"
  5. 1 address returned. Right click disassemble
  6. Right click selected code and select Toggle Breakpoint.
    Note: the next step will freeze the game and the browser, so open the steps in another different browser or paste it in notepad.
  7. Click Open Chest and Click on your Petling. The game/browser will freeze.
  8. Go to cheat engine, at the right side 'registers' section, Click on the address of 'ECX' and copy it
  9. Right click the selected code and select Toggle Breakpoint.
  10. Click Debug > Run
  11. The browser/game will unfreeze
  12. Close the memory view and click on 'Add Address manually'
  13. Paste the 'ECX' address you copied earlier and add '+3C' at the end.
    example: "42390A4+3C"
  14. Change the value to '120'
  15. Go to Pet Society and change room. A pop-up will appear saying your petling has left house. Publish it.
  16. Using another browser (maybe Flock or Chrome) Go to your main account and you should see the notification of your secondary account 'To Find Petling" Click to gain the 200 coins. 
  17. In your secondary account, Change the value back to '121'
  18. Change room and a pop-up will appear saying your petling has been found. Publish it also.
  19. Now Primary account can click on new notification 'Claim some bonus coins'
  20. You can only repeat from step 1 to get more coins.
    Basically, 120 is to lose your pet and 121 is to publish 'Found Petling'

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