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Round Ending. Now we WAIT. 
Those who got an email from them, kindly inform us. 
I would like to calculate the odds of winning the prizes. 
Thank you.

You will only get a CHANCE to win these prizes. But as you can see from the winners' list, there seems to be quite a lot of prizes. So mathematically, let's see how high is the chances to win the prizes. If it is a 6 out of 10 people chance, I would say the contest is pretty awesome. As out of every 10 people, 6 of us wins. 

This round has just started and will end April 10, 2010

I noticed there are quite a few people who have hit the target. Good for you guys! Do tell us at the end of the round if you get any emails from the organizer. Thanks.

Do not be angry that your link has been removed as there are MANY more rounds. If the odds of winning is good, I will promote this contest again. If it isn't, then we will find other methods to win easy $$. =D [pwnthis's link! ;p] don huhula

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