Fish World // 600 Million coin cheat

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Credits: free2sw4u and Damian73

Tools (download all tools in the Tools section):
  • cheat engine5.6
  •  Flash 9 or Flash 10
  • Firefox
  1. Go into Fish World [click to play]
  2. Buy a Fish
  3. Open Cheat Engine and select browser in process list
  4. Settings: 8bytes, HEX, also scan read only mem
  5. Scan "558B00000080888B" (flash 10)
    Scan "0FF2E0558B70488B" (flash 9)
  6. Right click the TOP address and select "Disassemble"
  7. Right click selected code and select "Replace with code that does nothing"
  8. Now sell the fish. You will earn 600million coins. Have fun!

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