Pet Society // Too many Easter Eggs fix

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Steps by: free2sw4u

For those of you who got too greedy, fell alseep, left the computer with the cheat on and now unable to enter the game due to too many eggs, just give the eggs away to your friends or make a spare account to give the eggs to. You will need an account with a Pet Society Profile Box. See above image.

How to get the Pet Society Box.
  1. Go to Application Settings 
  2. Look for Pet Society's Edit Settings
  3. Click Add. (see above image)
  4. Now go to Profile and Boxes and you will see the Pet Society Box inside.
  5. Log into your facebook account with the eggs error. 
  6. Visit whichever Profile with that Pet Society Box. 
  7. Click 'Visit' 
  8. Use a mouse recorder to Sell all the Eggs.
  9. Once done, click 'Add Coins' at the top left corner. 
  10. Click back Home and reenter the game. You should be able to play the game again. 
Note: Basically as I have mentioned in the previous post, just try to give away the eggs to another account. Give as many away as you can. It will decrease in amount and eventually you can save the game again. 
Mouse recorder:

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