Ninja Saga // Lvl 10 Weapon Cheat

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Credts: marxtianz

Note: You need to be level 10 and Above to be able to use the weapon or Error will appear.

 Tools (download all tools in the Tools section):

  • Charles
  • Firefox
  • Flash 10
  1. Open Charles (it should be recording activities in your firefox)
  2. Go into Ninja Saga (click to play)
  3. Enter SHOP
  4. In Charles, search for this line ''
  5. Expand it and you will see 'amf/'
  6. Right click 'amf' and select 'Breakpoints'
  7. In Ninja Saga, buy a Kunai (level 1 weapon)
  8. The Game will freeze and a Breakpoint tab will appear in Charles
  9. Click the Breakpoint tab > Click Edit Request > AMF
  10. You will see the value 'wpn1' 
  11. Change it to 'wpn111'
  12. Click Execute TWICE
  13. Go back to the Session tab, right click 'AMF' and select Breakpoints to remove the breakpoint.
  14. Refresh your Ninja Saga. Now you will see the Kotetsu weapon: Dmg 83. 
  15. Only level 10 and above can use it without error and of coz if you have a weapon better than the Kotetsu, this cheat is not for you.

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