Pet Society // Infinite Easter Eggs cheat

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Credits: Patiniox for an awesome job.

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 Tools (download all tools in the Tools section):

  • Cheat engine 
  • firefox 
  • flash 10

  1. Go into Pet Society [click to play]
  2. Go out of your house > Visit Friends and bump into a tree.
  3. Go back Home.
  4. Open cheat engine and select browser in the process list.
  5. Tick HEX, Also scan read only mem, 8 bytes
  6. Scan '45C7D8758958498B'

PS: For those who did not heed my warning and has too many eggs, you will have to slowly gift the eggs to your friends. The mayor will appear but the eggs will decrease. Eventually you will reach an amount that can be saved. I had this problem once and this method helped. But if you have an excess of a few thousand eggs, that is the amount you will need to give away.

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