Jumping Dog // Points Cheat

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Credits: The Chosen One

Tools (download all tools in the Tools section):

  • Cheat Engine
  • Flash 10
  • Firefox
  1. Play Jumping Dog [link
  2. Get any score.
  3. When the dog reaches the ground, your score will pop-up. (Do NOT click the skip/share)
  4. Using a calculator, multiply your score by 8.
  5. Open cheat engine and select your browser. (4bytes)
  6. Scan the value (score multiply 8)
  7. There should be quite a lot of addresses. If there are more than 30, repeat step 2 again.
  8. Select all the addresses and click on the 'Red Arrow'  (To select all the addresses, click on the Top address, hold SHIFT, click on the Last address and all will be selected)
  9. All the addresses will appear in the Address Table.
  10. Select all the addresses again.
  11. Right click and select Change Record > Value
  12. Change it to 8000000.
  13. Right click again and select 'Freeze all addresses in this list'
  14. Now play Jumping Dog and you should see your new high score. Refresh/reload. Have fun.

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