Pet Society // Easter Eggs cheat

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Tools (download all tools in the Tools section):
  • Fiddler2
  • Google Chrome
  • Nofil2000 feed generator [download 1| download 2]
  • 2 Facebook accounts [primary & secondary]
  • Cheat Engine to shorten animation
  • Follow the steps as every step is CRUCIAL. Don't complain if you cant follow the steps as missing out any steps would render the cheat useless.
  1. Download all the required tools above and also the Feed Generator.
  2. Extract the nofil2000 folder to your desktop.
  3. Log into your Secondary facebook account
  4. Open Fiddler2
  5. Make sure Fiddler2 is capturing traffic. (click File > Capture Traffic is ticked)
  6. Go to this url in Firefox "" (it will be an error page)
  7. Now you should notice this url in Fiddler. "/crossdomain.xml"
  8. Right click this url and select Copy > Just URL
  9. Go to Autoresponder tab and click Add
  10. Click the dropdown arrow beside the 'Save' button
  11. Select 'Find a file'
  12. Browser to the nofil2000 folder that you extracted to desktop earlier. Select the crossdomain.xml file inside.
  13. Click Save
  14. Now Clear your browser cache.
  15. Now open the nofil2000.html that is in the nofil2000 folder.
  16. Select Hideeni.
  17. Enter number of links. I recommend 50 links. Any more and your game will take forever to load due to the large number of presents.
  18. Click 'Get Links'
  19. Wait till all links are Done!
  20. Now, log out of this secondary account and log in your Primary facebook account.
    This is the account where you want the coins.
  21. Now click Execute All Links in the nofil2000.html
  22. Wait till all the links are executed.
  23. Once done, go into Pet Society
  24. Now you will see lots of presents!
  25. You will need to open Cheat Engine now or it's gonna take forever to clear those presents.
  26. Select firefox as process, Tick HEX, ALSO SCAN READ ONLY, Array of Bytes
  27. Scan "8B403C8945E88B45e885c0"
  28. 1 address returned. Right click disassemble
  29. Right click selected code and select 'Replace with code that does nothing"
  30. Now PS is in hyper speed mode. Clear those moneybags and save your game!
  31. Repeat all the steps if you want more coins!

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