Squashing Pumpkins

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This is one of the latest games on Facebook and it's pretty fun. Try it without using cheats first or you will not have any fun!

Tools (download all tools in the Tools section):
  • cheat engine 5.6
  • Firefox
  1. Click to play Squashing Pumpkins [click to play]
  2. Open cheat engine and select browser in process list (4 bytes)
  3. Squash some bunnies and scan current score.
  4. Squash more bunnies and Next scan new score.
  5. 1 address left. Double click it so that it appears in the bottom table [Frozen,Description,Address,Type,Value]
  6. Change the value to any value you want. 
  7. Squash more bunnies and your new score will be reflected. 
In case you do not know how to play the game, here are some tips:
  • Use the arrow keys to move
  • Press spacebar to KICK the bunnies
  • You have to protect the pumpkins from the bunnies
  • Press Q, W, E for special attacks.  

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