Ninja Saga // Instant Skills Glitch

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Credits: lytsickle28

This cheat works great. You can use the skills for MISSIONS, DUELS and to LEVEL UP with the latest skills that you have not learned. But remember, the skills will disappear from your Jutsu if you refresh the game. So do not refresh the game or you will have to relearn the skills to use them. 

Tools (download all tools in the Tools section):
  • Charles 3.5.1
  • Firefox
  • Flash 10

  1. Open Charles 
  2. Go into Ninja Saga [click to play]
  3. Go to Academy and select any Long-training time skills to learn. 
  4. In Charles, look for this url ''
  5. Expand it and you will see 'AMF/'
  6. Right click 'AMF/' and select Breakpoints
  7. Now leave the Academy and enter Academy again. The game will freeze
  8. A breakpoint tab will appear in Charles.
  9. Click CANCEL.
  10. An 'Edit Response' tab will appear. Click it.
  11. Click 'AMF' tab at the bottom
  12. You will see something like this screenshot below
  13. Change the result Number to '0'
  14. Click Execute
  15. You will immediately get the skill.
  16. You can continue learning more skills. Just repeat from Step 8 each time the game freeze.
  17. Important: Remember to go back to the Structure Tab, right click 'amf/' and select Breakpoints to continue playing Ninja Saga.
  18. Once breakpoint removed, go play your missions, duels with friends. Just note that skills will disappear if you refresh the game. But whatever experience/gold you earned is saved.

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