Farmville // Cash Items Cheat

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This cheat allows you to convert the mystery gift into any FVCASH item. You can have your Cash Ponies, or Horses, Cows, Cash Decorations with this cheat.
Working as at 1st July 2010.

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  • Charles Web Proxy
  • Firefox
Credits: comunidadfarmville

  1.  Mystery Gifts are needed so if you don't have any, get your friends to send you some now!
  2. Open Charles
  3. Go into Farmville
  4. You will see the line "" in Charles  (the number does not matter. It can be 0/1/2)
  5. Expand it > Expand "flashservices/" 
  6. You will see "gateway.php(FlashService.dispatch...)"
  7. Right click it and select "Breakpoints"
  8. Follow the video from here on as there are too many English sites copying my well-written steps :p
  9. [ Farmville Cash Items Video Tutorial ]
  10. Right after you remove breakpoints and change the last response to true (deleting the 2 lines of words as well), you will get a out of sync error. No worries, if you have placed the item in the storage/stables/barn, and have change the header from false to true, the item will still be in the building you placed it in.

  11. For items NAMES to put in Charles, visit this site [ farmville items names ], in my video tutorial, I used flagitaly which is a 16 fvcash item :)  Ciao!

    I tried getting the Unwithered Ring but sadly, it cannot be stored in the storage so it cant be saved :(  Btw, I am using Gz reader to check the names of the latest FV database. [How to use Gz reader]

  12. Important:
    Cash Cows must be placed inside Dairy Farm
    Cash Horses placed inside Stable (You will need to build a stable first)
    Ponies placed into Barn Nursery
    Cash Decorations in the Storage (As shown in my video where I placed the Italy Flag into the Storage)
    Works for cash buildings too!

    Names of popular animal items
    Clydesdale Horse =clydesdale
    High Kick Horse =dancinghorse
    Percheron Horse =horse_percheronblack
    Pinto Horse =horse_pinto
    Pseudocorn =horse_unicorn
    Spectator Horse =horse_sodahat
    Clydesdale Horse =clydesdale
    White Stallion =stallion_white
    Black Stallion= stallion_black

    Pink Hair Pony =pony_pink
    Pony (Brown) =pony
    Purple Mane Pony =pony_purple
    Silver Pony= pony_silver

    Either watch the entire video first so you know what to do, or pause at each step in the video. Miss out on any steps and it will not work for you.
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Some of the items I managed to obtain using this cheat. 

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