Farmville // Cash Items Cheat [100% success steps]

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Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  • charles
  • firefox

Credits: ala27noon@pwnthis

The previous post is still working but ala27noon has slightly improved it to make sure it is a 100% success conversion of gifts to cash items. 

Improved version of Farmville Cash Items Cheats:

# Mystery Gifts are needed so if you don't have any, get your friends to send you some now!
# Open Charles
# Go into Farmville
# You will see the line "" in Charles (the number does not matter. It can be 0/1/2/3)
# Expand it > Expand "flashservices/"
# You will see "gateway.php(FlashService.dispatch...)"
# Right click it and select "Breakpoints"
# open the giftbox
# execute the request .. change the respone as in the original pwnthis video
BUT --> remove the number that is under the item ( the ID )
and remove the 2 lines in the header and change false to true Then EXECUTE
# put the item in the storage
# remove the 2 lines in the header and change false to true in the next THREE responses
# remove breakpoints after changing the Three responses - you will get a out of sync error. No worries, if you have placed the item in the storage/stables/barn

Video tutorial by ala27noon

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