Farmville // Charles itemID

ItemIDs for these 2 still working great cheats: [FV Cash Items Cheat Method 1] [FV Cash Items Cheat Method 2]  // You can try any method and see which one works better for you.

Credits: Farmer Josh@gamersUnite!

Note: Remember, not ALL items can be used in the cheat. Only items that can be stored in Storage or animals in Barns/Stables can BE USED.

100 XP =consume_xp_100
50 Fuel Refills =fuel
Acai Tree =acai
Adobe Barn =adobebarn
Adobe Cottage =adobehut2
Adobe Farmhouse =adobefarmhouse
Adobe Home =adobehut
Adobe Shed =adobetoolshed
Alpaca =alpaca
Baby Elephant =elephant
Baby Tiger =tiger_baby
Baby Turkey =turkeybaby
Balloon Stand =balloonstand
Band Stage =stage
Barn =barn
Barrel Cactus =barrelcactus
Bats =bats
Belted Cow = cow_belted
Black Barn =barnblack
Black Manor =manorblack
Black Stallion= stallion_black
Blue Barn =barnblue
Bonsai Potted Tree (Storable) = bonsai
Bovine 09 (Green alien cow)  =cow_green
Bovine o9 Calf =calf_green
Breton Horse = breton
Bunnyslope = bunnyslope
Butterfly Bush =butterflybush
Cafe =chateaucafe
Cardinal =cardinal
Caiman Lizard =lizard_caiman
Chateau =chateaumansion
Cheshire Cat =cat_purple
Chicken Gnome = gnomechicken
Chocolate Calf =calf_brownchocolate
Chocolate Cow =cow_brownchocolate
Clock Tower =rajabaitower
Clydesdale Horse =clydesdale
Coconut Tree =coconut
CottonCandy Machine =cottoncandymachine
Cow Print Balloon =hotairballooncowprint
Cow Print Barn =barncowprint
Cow Print Dairy =dairyfarmcowprint
Deadwood =deadwood
Deluxe Cottage =cottagedeluxe
Deluxe Lodge =skilodgenosnow
Deluxe Tool Shed =deluxetoolshed
Doe =doe
Donkey =donkey
Elephant Fountain =elephantfountain
Estate =Estate
Falling Blossom = treecherry
Fan Cow = cow_fanpage
Fan Sheep (never seen one on a farm) = sheep_fanpage
FarmCash 25 =consume_cash_25
Ferris Wheel =ferriswheel
Floppy Eared Rabbit =rabbitfloppy
Foot Bridge =footbridge
Forbidden Palace =forbiddenpalace
French Cottage =frenchquarter2
French Quarters =frenchquarter1
Gnome Elf =gnomeelf
Greenhouse =greenhouse
Grey Goose =goose_grey
Grizzly Bear Cub =grizzly_cub
Groovy Barn =barnpsychedelic
Groovy Cow = cow_groovy
Groovy Goat =goat_groovy
Haflinger =horse_haflinger
Hammock =hammock
Haunted House =hauntedhouse
Heidi Gnome = gnome_heidi
High Kick Horse =dancinghorse
Holiday Tree =holidaytree
Holstein Cow = cow_holstein
Hot Rod Harvester =harvesterhotrod
Hot Rod Seeder =seederhotrod
Hot Rod Tractor =tractorhotrod
Hot Air Balloon = hotairballoon
Hummingbird =hummingbird
Ice Hockey =icehockey
Igloo =igloo
Indian Elepant =elephant_indian
Jack-In-The-Box =jackinthebox
Japanese Garden Pond = japanesesmallpond
Joshua Tree? (name updated when released) = joshuatree
Kangaroo =kangaroo
Kelly Green Cow =cow_shamrock
Koi Pond =koipond
Lake =lake
Langur Monkey =monkey_langur
Lantern Tree = lanterntree
Large Pond =pond
Lawnjockey =lawnjockey
Le Bistro =bistro
Lederhosen Gnome = gnome_lederhose
Library =Library
Light Blue Pony = pony_blue
Lillypad Pond =pondlilly
Little Egg Home =egghousesmall
Lodge =Lodge
Log Cabin =logcabin
Longhorn Cow = cow_longhorn
Lounge Chair (outdoor) = loungechair
Magnolia Tree (Storable) = treemagnolia
Male Ostrich =ostrich_black
Manor =manor
Meditation Centre =lotustemple
Mini Greenhouse =minigreenhouse
Mini Villa =minivilla
Modern Barn =modernbarn
Modern Cabana =cabanamodern
Modern Home =modernfarmhouse
Modern Tool Shed =toolshedmodern
Momiji Tree = momijitree
Moose =moose
Mumbai Home =mumbaihome
Museum =louvre  (warning! This is ENORMOUS)
Mustang horse=mustang
Neapolitan Cow = cow_neapolitan
New Year Ball Drop = newyearballdrop
Old Faithful = geyser
Outhouse =outhouse
Owl =owl
White Owl = owlwhite
Patisserie =chateaubakery
Pavillion =chateaupavilion
Peacock =peacock
Percheron Horse =horse_percheronblack
Pinata Tree =pinataburro
Pink Hair Pony =pony_pink
Pink Patch Calf =calf_pinkpatch
Pink Patch Cow =cow_pinkpatch
Pinto Horse  =horse_pinto
Polar Bear =polarbear
Pony (Brown) =pony
Pool =pool
Popcorn Machine =popcornmachine
Porcupine =porcupine
Post Office =postoffice
Provencal Barn =chateaubarn
Provencal Shed =chateautoolshed
Pseudocorn =horse_unicorn
Purple Frog =frog_purple
Purple Mane Pony =pony_purple
Quail =quail
Rainbow Apple Barrel = barrelapplerainbow
Rainbow Apple Cart = cartapplerainbow
Red Brown Cow = cow_redbrown
Red Heart Hay =hayred
Referee Cow =cow_referee
Referee Cow Yellow = cow_referee_yellow
Referee Elf =gnomeref
Reindeer =reindeer
Restaraunt =frenchlaundry
Roadrunner =roadrunner
Rocky Stream =rockstream
Saguaro Cactus =saguaro
Santa Gnome =gnomesanta
Santa Scarecrow =santascarecrow
Santa’s Workshop =santasworkshop
Schoolhouse =schoolohouse
Shamrock Barn =barnkellygreen
Shamrock Inn =bedbreakfastkelly
Shoe House =boothouse
Silver Pony= pony_silver
Simmental Cow = cow_simmental
Ski Jump =skijump
Small Moss Rock =mossrocksmall
Snowglobe =snowglobe
Snow Leopard = snowleopard
Snowman =snowman
Spectator Horse =horse_sodahat
Sphynx Cat =cat_sphynx
Sprouting Bush =sproutingbush
Strawberry Pig = pig_strawberry
Striped Rest Tent = resttentstriped
Superbowl Stadium =superbowlstadium
Super Pumpkins Mastery Sign =mastersuperpumpkin
Swiss Cabin (name updated on release) = swisscabin
Swiss Chalet (name updated on release) = swisschalet
Swiss Cottage (name updated on release) = swisscottage
Swiss Farmhouse (name updated on release) = swissfarmhouse
Swiss Moss Boulder (name updated on release) = swissmossboulder
Swiss Evergreen Tree (name updated on release) = swissevergreen
Swiss Mountain (name updated on release) = swissmountain
Swiss Pony? (Unconfirmed) = pony_swiss
Taj Mahal =tajmahal
Torchstand =torchstand
Treehouse =treehouse
Tuscan Art Gallery = tuscanyartgallery
Tuscan Bookstore = tuscanybookstore
Tuscan Cafe = tuscanycafe
Tuscan Cow (Cash Version) = cow_tuscan_cash
Tuscan Cow = cow_tuscan
Tuscan Church = tuscanychurch
Tuscan Farmhouse = tuscanyfarmhouse
Tuscan Fountain = tuscanyfountain
Tuscan Leaning Tower Small = tuscanypisasmall
Tuscan Leaning Tower Large = tuscanypisa
Tuscan Restaraunt = tuscanyrestaurant
Tuscan Shop = tuscanyshop
Tuscan Villa = tuscanyvilla
U.F.O. =ufo
Unwither Ring Blue =ringgolddiamond
Unwither Ring Gold =ringgold
Unwither Ring Pink =ringgoldpinkdiamond
Unwither Ring Platinum =ringplatinum
Unwither Ring Platinum Diamond =ringplatinumdiamond
Unwither Ring Platinum Pink Diamond =ringplatinumpinkdiamond
Unwither Ring Platinum Ruby =ringplatinumruby
Unwither Ring Platinum Sapphire =ringplatinumsapphire
Unwither Ring Ruby =ringgoldruby
Unwither Ring Sapphire =ringgoldsapphire
Vacation Home =calivacationhome
Vegetable Stand =vegetablestand
Villa =villa
Volcano – Tiki Theme = tikivolcano
Waterfall =waterfall
White Barn =barnwhite
White Manor =manor
White Owl =owlwhite
White Peacock =peacock_white
White Stallion =stallion_white
White tiger =tiger_white
Woodpecker =woodpecker

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