Have you Dropbox today?

Dropbox official Site [register now and get 2gb worth of storage space]

Just want to share with my readers this free service which is gaining popularity as cloud computing gets prevalent around the world. Basically, just signing up this free service gives you 2GB worth of storage space on their sever which are as secured as the algorithms used by banks and the military.

What is so good about this storage space is that you can easily backup/share your files with anyone around the world. Simply upload the files on your own Dropbox storage space, go to Sharing and share the folder. Then simply send out invites to this folder to your friend's email and now they can access the same file. Download and upload speed are extremely fast so go ahead and share large files.

I may start sharing my cheats this way so only selected e-mails receive the files. Good idea yea? Limit the distribution of the cheat so those who deserve it gets to enjoy it more. Just go register your own dropbox now!
Dropbox official Site [register from this link and you get an additional 250mb]

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