Millionaire City Money Cheat

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Current file has been patched. But if you are able to edit the .xml, just follow Tekken's instructions and you will get a mini money cheat again. Not as good as the old one but still better than nothing :)

how about, adjust the amounts that the commerceDefinitions.xml gives.. incomeValue="5000", keep the total amount under $300,000. doing that will keep the server from having a out of sync error. when you run into a "Out of Sync Error", adjust your amounts lower. (IE, commerce_pizza has 60 people surounding, use incomeValue="4699". total payout = $281,940.) Use 5 of those or whatever as far as commerce and in every 3 mintues you make over 1 Million or more Easy.. only issue I see with this, is that not everyone is going to be the same. you'd have to manually adjust your amounts to keep the server from giving you the Sync Error. that's my temp fix.. I know its not the greatest, but it works.
also I believe you can adjust the amount it cost's and working to see if i can get more XP per payout. which means faster lvls. good luck =)

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  • download above required files
  • fiddler2
  • chrome/firefox

Credits: mark.b@Pwnthis

  1. Download required commerceDefinitions.xml from the links above
  2. You will be replacing this commerceDefinitions.
    (Kindly read Fiddler's Tutorial if it is not working for you. Too many dumb questions when the answer has already been answered thousands of times. Just read the tutorial if you do not know how to use Fiddler)


  3. Once done, just clear cache and load Millionaire City.
  4. Get the land ready then go and purchase the cheapest Commerce Building (Pizza). Roads must be connected!
  5. You should gain a huge amount of exp and the game will go out of sync in bout a few seconds.
  6. Refresh and you will gain back whatever money you spend on the building and STILL have the building there. Now, just destroy it and earn some easy money.
  7. Once positive that the cheat works, buy the most EXPENSIVE commerce building that you can afford and repeat steps.

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