Nightclub City // EXP, Money cheat using Charles

Not too sure if my previous methods of using Cheat Engine is still working. But anyway, this is a much quicker and easier way to level up to 45 (max) and getting money.

Credits: xiete1807

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  • Charles Web debugging
  • Firefox
  1. Open Charles
  2. Enter Nightclub City [play now]
  3. In Charles, you will see the line ''
  4. Expand it > Expand 'user' 
  5. You will see the line 'getUser'
  6. Right click and select Breakpoints
  7. Reload NightClub City
  8. Game will freeze and a breakpoint tab will appear in Charles.
  9. Click Execute once and you will see an Edit Response Tab.
  10. Click that, click Text. 
  11. Change 'totalMoney' for EXP to any value you want
  12. Change 'money' for Money to any value you want
  13. Go back to the Session tab, Right click 'getUser' and select Breapoints again to remove it.
  14. Go back to the Breakpoint tab, click Execute.
  15. Game will load with your new level and coins.
  16. Decorate it with items then SAVE the game. Play with it for a while to ensure the game is saved. 

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