Restaurant City // Easy Money

For those who do not know or still needs some coins in Restaurant City, this is an easy way to obtain some coins. Obtain hundreds of Lenny the Singer easily with our old, ancient but still working Restaurant City Gifts Generator Cheat.

viola, convert a few hundred tokens to Lenny the Singer and you get Millions of coins.

  1. You will need to follow the steps to get Restaurant City Gifts Generator to work [ steps to RC gifts generator ]
  2. Remember to change the value in "Convert Tokens To"  to 3020372
  3. Remember, itemID of Lenny = 3020372
  4. Get a whole list of tokens from the group [ RC gift's group ]. Check the discussions board for kind souls who will post token chains. Some tokens may fail as there are people who post repeat tokens. Each tokens can only be used once each day.

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