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So I have just introduced a few new games that may be more for the guys target group. Starwars empires, Cars Town. For the ladies, I bring you Retail Therapy. This will grow into a hot game as the interface is clean, neat and easy to play. The clothes designs are trendy too and I am sure many of you shopaholics will love this game as you design your own retail store. You can even visit TopShop in this game, how cool is that?

About Retail Therapy:
PopSugar's Retail Therapy is an insanely addictive new fashion game from Sugar Inc. Mix and match dream outfits and feel the experience of running your very own high-end fashion boutique!

Begin with a small shop and challenge yourself to grow into a hip department store. You can stock your favorite brands (including Banana Republic, Juicy Couture, Tory Burch, Diane von Furstenberg, Gap, Topshop, and Barneys New York), play against your friends, and dress your own character in the hottest new styles.

Many people would compare this game to Mall World. I would say this game is a lot better than Mall World. The interface feels 3D unlike the Cafe World 2D-ish feel of Mall World that seems to be more suited for the small kids. Retail Therapy is for us teenagers who has better sense of fashion and need for better aesthetics in the games we play.

Click to play Retail Therapy [ play now

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