Retail Therapy Cheats // Coins Cash Exp

Click to play Retail Therapy [ play now ]

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  • charles proxy 
  • firefox

Credits: emocheater@fbhax

Retail Therapy Cheats Steps:

  1. Open Charles
  2. Enter Retail Therapy
  3. Go to Charles and find the line ""
  4. Double Click it then click 'games/ > api/ > room/'
  5. Right click the ''111286?v=1.1'' then select 'Breakpoint'
  6. Reload the game (The Browser will freeze)
  7. Go back to Charles
  8. Click on the Breakpoints tab that appear.
  9. Click EXECUTE
  10. Then click "EDIT RESPONSE" > "HTML TAB"
  11. Now change the value of your points, coins, cash
  12. After you edit the value click the "SESSION TAB" 
  13. Right click the line and select Breakpoint again to remove the breakpoint 
  14. Go back to the Breakpoints tab and click Execute.
  15. The game will load and you have all the coins and cash you want now. Have fun shopaholics. Hope you enjoy this Retail Therapy Cheat

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