Ninja Saga Cheats // Ultimate Missions v2

Download required files [ sharecash | ziddu | megaupload | 4shared (password: free) ] // choose your preferred download link

Required Tools [Download these tools | Tool's Tutorial ]:
  • download above required files
  • Fiddler2
  • Chrome/Firefox

Credits: fbhax0r@pwnthis

Note: For those who got banned using it, you must have abused the cheat for hours. As I had said, do NOT be greedy and your account will be fine. I cheated from 40-46 without any problems. If you leveled from 10-60 in one day, that will obviously get your account suspended. Even 40-60 seems a bit fishy and insensible. As as usual, I am not forcing you to use the cheat. I'm using it though and I'm hoping the brainless cheaters will not use it as their carelessness would only cause the cheat to be detected and patched.

Weew, NS is on a MAJOR BANNING SPREE !!! NOBODY WILL BE SPARED. As usual, they are the strictest piece of shits on facebook. 

Ninja Saga Steps:
  1. Open Fiddler and go to Autoresponder
  2. Tick both Enable auto... and Permit Passthrough..
  3. You will be replacing the data_library_en and the mission141 file so click ADD and insert this rule editor
  4. Replace it with the downloaded file from the links above. 
  5. If you are unsure of how to replace files using fiddler, kindly read the tutorial first as it will help you greatly. Tool's Tutorial 
  6. Click ADD, change the StringToMatch to
  7. Replace all 2 files with the files that you have downloaded from me. Basically, just use fiddler and replace these 2 files. Very simple!
  8. Important: To prevent error, just ALTERNATE the missions. Do NOT repeat the same mission two times in a row. Just do 8k mission > 12k mission > 8k mission > 12k mission and repeat with a bot/mouse recorder. 
  9. Update after maintenance: You will notice that you gained the exp, but after that, a message will appear "Ninja doesnt escape from battles"
  10. Just go to the Battle > Practise > Run/Fight and you can use the cheat again.

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