Ninja Saga 1st year anniversary

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Ninja Saga celebrates their 1 year anniversary - carnival style. There are fireworks, daily missions, spin the wheel for tokens, lucky draw, a new dummy boss in hunting house.

For those thatt has got banned, you probably over-abused the cheat as I have not gotten banned yet. Maybe I will get banned in future. Who cares =D At the moment, haven had time to check if the previous cheats are still working. Just check the comments. If nearly 10 people says it doesn't work. It probably really doesn't work. Then again, there are some who says it doesn't work but it's because they are doing it wrongly.

Carnival Badges

Start collecting your Carnival badges and you can win really cool items, clothes, weapons. To collect these badges, you just have to log on everyday and you will get 1. Complete the daily mission and you get another. You have until 4th August to collect 15 badges.

5 Badges: Clothing - Traditional Happi Coat
10 Badges: Weapon - Carnival Bachi
15 Badges: Back Item - Carnival Taiko (Taiko is helpful in battles!)

 Anniversary Lucky Draw

Apart from the existing invite friend rewards that you might have already claimed, new friends now bring you more – for every accepted invitation you sent, you receive a chance to participate in the Anniversary Lucky Draw! The more successful invites, the more chances you have got to get the amazing prizes! Maximize your chances by inviting more friends into Ninja Saga!

Gold Prize (quota:100) : Ninja Emblem (Free Users only) / 2000 Saga Tokens (Premium Users only)
Silver Prize (quota: 2000) : Limited Festive Dog Pet, Raita
Bronze Prize (quota: 1000) : 100 Saga Tokens
Bonus Prize (quota: unlimited): Magatama / 10000 Gold

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