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I have shared this application before. This is an old Piaip tool where the 100% quiz feature is still working. The rest of the functions DO NOT work however, so UNCHECK ALL except the 'Quiz answer always correct'. This cheat is good for those of you who has not logged in Restaurant City for a long time (like me :p )  and has more than 20 Daily quizzes in the inbox (like me)

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):
  1. Enter Restaurant City
  2.  Open v2.12 RC tool
  3.  Important: UNCHECK everything (if you don't do this, you will definitely get an error message when patching so don't say i didnt warn you. If however, you are 頭が悪い and did not follow this instruction and got an error while patching, just restart your Restaurant City and start from Step 1 again.)
  4. Tick "Quiz answer always correct" (make sure only this is ticked, and the Fast Scan)
  5. Select browser
  6. Click PATCH! 
  7. Now do your quizzes and you will get it correct everytime. (i cleared all my 20 quizzes with this xd)

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