Tiki Resort // Coins cheat by Pwnthis

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You cant use the simple method of scanning to get coins. There may be other ways in increasing coins, but this is my method.

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):
  • Charles 3.5.1
  • Cheat Engine 5.6
  • Firefox
Follow my instructions clearly or you will not be able to get it.

  1. Open Charles
  2. Enter Tiki Resort (click to play)
  3. After the game loaded, you should see this line in Charles.
  4. Expand it [+],  expand "resort/", expand "amfgw/"
  5. Click a rubbish in Tiki Resort
  6. A line "default> (player_service.setPlayer) will appear
  7. Right click and select Breakpoints
  8. Reload Tiki Resort. At the loading, the game will freeze
  9. Breakpoints tab appears in Charles, click execute 2 times
  10. You should now see a "Edit Request" tab


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